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Cant make your oponent leak?
Look up his leak chances per starter/wave and much more using the /livegame lookup

2020-07-24 Gvr Mr Mister
API Maintenance and major changes
Some services using the offical API are down untill fixed.

2020-06-03 Gvr Mr Mister
Games per day
Added games per day to Statistics

2020-03-10 GvR Mr Mister
Classic Livegame Lookup
Added classic game support to Livegames

2020-03-02 GvR Mr Mister
Classic Ladder
Check out the inoffical Classic Ladder

2019-11-28 GvR Mr Mister
Profile/Livegame rework
Im currently working on a /livegame and /profile rework.

List all current games
Improved loading speed by ~30%
Added an indicator to show if two players are used to play together
Show last 5 gameresults (W/L)
Improved Winchance calculation
Added chances to send/leak to a snail on w1
Added indicators for players value/worker compared to other players they have played against

2019-09-12 GvR Mr Mister

Maintenance Downtime
Im moving my machines to another host, there will be downtimes within the next few days.

2019-07-23 GvR Mr Mister

Test your LTD knowledge
Check out the Legion TD 2 Quiz: #quiz LTD2 Discord

2019-05-14 GvR Mr Mister

New Guides
Do you want to optimize your builds around auras? Watch Bonny's Aura Guides

2019-05-09 GvR Mr Mister

Happy Birthday - 1 Year User Statistic

Users per country:

Germany 34,81%
United States 14,10%
Denmark 4,85%

Visited Pages:
Ladder 9,05%
Profile 7,98%
Guides 6,14%

2019-03-27 GvR Mr Mister

Livegame rework & new guides
Added Season 3 stats overview to livegames
Check out Bonny's new Aura Guides

2019-03-13 GvR Mr Mister
Patch 3.12 is live
Added new fighter's images
Replay shows value instead of networth
Fixed Roshkatul's MM Guide link
Livegame calculated values are based on 2on2 games (instead of all games)

2019-03-05 GvR Mr Mister
Patch 3.0 is live
Fighter Pick- and Winchances are live! Separated classic game stats coming soon.

2019-02-02 GvR Mr Mister
Happy New Year & new statistics!
I wish you all a successfull 2019 and may the rolls be with you.
My new database (>1.6M games!!!) is nearly finished and I can start providing new/more stats.
Upcoming features:
  • Wave games ended on
  • Build lookup (search games with unit(s) x on position y for wave z)
  • Pick/Winchances with ties excluded
  • Fighter Pick/Winchances
  • Compare stats for different patches
  • Separated classic game stats
  • 4v4 support for replay/matchhistory/livegame

2019-01-02 GvR Mr Mister
New feature: Livegame lookup!
Search for your current game to get information about your enemies.
You receive information about their builds and chances to leak with it (click a fighter's image).

2018-08-24 GvR Mr Mister
New guides:
Mercenary guide by Roshkatul
Grove guide by Haze_Tech

2018-08-24 GvR Mr Mister
Tool: Elo Parser v1.0
A small tool that parses a player's elo in a txt file so you can work with it (!elo command for twitch etc).
EloParser/Elo Parser/bin/Release/Elo Parser.exe

2018-08-20 GvR Mr Mister
Roshkatul's Guide: Income sending vs Saving
Check out the new Guide by Rank 1 player Roshkatul:

2018-08-09 GvR Mr Mister
Atlantean Legion released with patch v2.34!
Check out the Atlantean Ladder to look up top Atlantean players and their builds.

2018-08-08 GvR Mr Mister
Added statistics:
Player Elo Distribution, Legion Pick/Winrates, Workers per Wave, Networth per Wave, Value on game end, Workers on game end, Income on game end and Leaks on game end.

2018-07-24 GvR Mr Mister
Want to contribute?
For all of you that have experience in webdesign/coding may look into this: LTDStats GitHub Project

2018-07-24 GvR Mr Mister
More statistics, detailed help section (/help), guides layout, compare layout, livegame lookup

2018-07-24 GvR Mr Mister

Check out statistics, elograph, the matchhistory, collection and players ingame behaviour.


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Compare two players.


Share your perfect build with Attrib's Builder Tool.


Look up any fighter, mercanery or wave unit.


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Provides you detailled statistic about specific patches/days/players or overall data.